About the Artist

Steve has been photographing wildlife & landscapes for over 40 years. Since receiving a small Kodak Instamatic camera at the age of 12, he has been enchanted with the natural world and the interplay of light between sky, water, mountains, trees & wildlife. His adventures have taken him to 6 continents-- from icy tundra in Patagonia to shoot Condors in the Andes-- to following Orcas from small boats in Alaska--

to tracking Jaguars in the Amazon.

Steve is constantly working & challenging himself to enter unusual situations, wherein he feels the chance for capturing a unique moment in nature is increased.  His latest adventure took him to Africa, where he was able to spend time exploring the Okavango Delta & Chobe River of Botswana.

"Besides trying to create a visually pleasing composition-- with wild &

possibly dangerous animals-- the real challenge is to capture a bit of

the animal's soul. The Leopard, dangling its tail & paws from a branch

high in a favorite sausage tree is relaxed to the point of almost appearing to be a rag doll-- while simultaneously-- the look in the eyes of this magnificent predator conveys a supercharged awareness.

The Elephants, coming down for their late afternoon drink seem to

magically & seamlessly bridge the gap between the hot African soil

and the cool water of the Chobe River.  The family bond was unmistakable; I wonder if they were as mesmerized by their reflections as I was.

I find myself staring at individual pictures taken on this early morning photo shoot of a troop of Baboons.  Their human-like expressions are captivating-- as is the realization that they are similarly pondering the strange creature that was sitting in a jeep in front of them.

The hands of this two-week old baby-- clutching his father's fur for safety-- while clearly making curious eye contact with

me-- left me transfixed.  I studied this particular group for over an hour-- sitting in silence between clicks of my camera.

Something not detectable by me-- perhaps an unfriendly scent

or a distant crack of a branch-- suddenly sent the entire troop

of more than 60 Baboons screaming & scampering into the

jungle.  Where moments before I was observing dozens of

intimate family interactions by these wonderful creatures-- I

was stunned by their abrupt exodous.  It was as if a giant hand

turned the tree upside down-- shaking & pouring the animals out.  I was saddened for a brief moment-- but then smiled to

myself-- realizing how fortunate I was to have them allow me

into their special world for a short while to enable me to capture these unique & magical moments."